Other publications and reviews


Stage Images and Traditions: Shakespeare to Ford   Cambridge University Press, 2009 (paperback) ; first published as Marion Lomax, 1987

Some poetry reviews by Robyn:

Review of Moya Cannon Donegal Tarantella (Carcanet, 2019), The High Window, January 2020: https://thehighwindowpress.com/2020/01/06/recent-poetry-from-carcanet-john-wheway-on-mimi-khalvati-and-robyn-bolam-on-moya-cannon/

Review of Anecdotal Evidence by Wendy Cope (Faber, 2018), The Lake:http://www.thelakepoetry.co.uk/reviews/dec18/

The Poems of Bail Bunting, ed. Don Share (Faber, 2016),  The Lake http://www.thelakepoetry.co.uk/reviews/ October 2016

Review of Clive James’s Sentenced to Life (Picador, 2015) www.thelakepoetry.co.uk September 2015.

Alison Hill’s Slate Rising, The Lake (www.thelakepoetry.co.uk) February 2015.

Deirdre Shanahan’s Recovery Position, The Lake (www.thelakepoetry.co.uk) August 2014.

John Agard’s Travel Light Travel Dark, The Lake (www.thelakepoetry.co.uk) March 2014.

Connie Bensley’s Finding a Leg to Stand On, The Lake (www.thelakepoetry.co.uk) September 2013.

Wendy Cope’s Family Values, TLS 17 June 2011 (www.the-tls.co.uk/archives)

Criticism by Robyn (Poetry and drama) can also be found in:

Writing in Education 62, Spring 2014 [ISSN: 1361-8539]

A New Companion to English Renaissance Literature and Culture vol.2, ed. M. Hattaway, Blackwell, 2010

Poetica  64, 2005

 Plotting Early Modern London, ed. D. Mehl, et al., Ashgate, 2004

The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare’s History Plays, ed. M. Hattaway, CUP, 2002

A Companion to English Renaissance Literature and Culture, ed. M. Hattaway, Blackwell, 2000

Contemporary Women’s Poetry: Reading, Writing, Practice,ed. D. Rees-Jones & Alison Mark, Macmillan, 2000 (published as Marion Lomax)

 Larkin with Poetry, ed. James Booth, 1997 (published as Marion Lomax)

 Essays and Studies (Feminist Linguistics and Literary Criticism volume, ed. Katie Wales) Boydell & Brewer (1994) (published as Marion Lomax)